Hope out there for all !

May 3rd, 2011

Thought it was time I updated the blog. IVA finished with a F&F in November 2010…Completion Certificate received in March 2011.
Due to the sad death of my beloved godmother in December 2009, I was fortunate enough to inherit a large sum of money – sufficient to finish my IVA and repay 100% back, and then to have a 50% deposit towards a house.
Next hurdle was to source a mortgage – well I thought we were going to struggle here ….but working with a friend of a friend through his mortgage broker expertise….we sourced a mortgage with MBS Lending – subsidiary of Melton Mowbray Building Society. We have had to have a higher % rate for a year or so, and we are then going to look to reduce the % once the IVA completely clears from our credit files in 2012.
We put the offer in on the house on the 24th March – we moved in on the 28th April – five weeks of complete madness, frantic packing, chasing here and there to get paperwork back to solcitors etc – but finally we had the keys on Thursday – we walked in to the lounge and I it suddenly hit me ! How lucky we had been to be given this second chance in our lifes – and boy we are not going to let anyone down !
It’s quite ironic – my godmothers name was Jeanette…she was known as Jean. The road we have moved to is called Jeans Way ! My godmother never knew of our financial issues – or did she ? Is this her way of getting us back on our feet – is this Jeans way of sorting things for us ! How apt !

So there is hope out there for all – mortgages are available – you just need to source one through a whole of the mortgage broker – although we were told a minimum 30% deposit would have been required !